Bryonia Alba. Bryonia Dioca. Wild Hops. White Bryony.

The common Bryony of England is the Bryonia Dioca, but it is Bryonia Alba which has had the Homoeopathic proving. Bryonia Alba

Bryonia is less rapid in its action than Aconite. Its effect goes deeper and it often takes up the work where Aconite leaves off. It acts on the serous membranes and the viscera they contain. Mucous membranes are all dry.

Leading characteristic is aggravation from motion. Even movements of the eys are avoided, raising the head from the pillow causes faintness, nausea and vertigo, vomiting. Allied to this is better from pressure, from lying on the painful side.

Bryonia is often indicated in injury of the joints where Arnica fails. The general character of the pain is stitching, tearing, worse by motion, better for rest.

The Bryonia patient is irritable, has vertigo raising the head. Pressure headaches. Bursting, splitting, severe headaches. Aching in the joints and muscles. The characteristic stitching pains are greatly aggravated by any motion. Bryonia Alba

Dry, hacking, painful coughs found in pleurisy, pneumonia. Inflammatory swellings with oedema affecting synovial and serous membranes. Symptoms gradually increase as the day progresses and disappear during the night.     Dry parched mouth and lips with excessive thirst and a bitter taste in the mouth. Bryonia Alba

Sensitive epigastrium and a feeling of a stone in the stomach. Stools large, dry and hard.

Children dislike to be carried or raised. Physical weakness on slightest exertion. All pervading irritability.

Joints are painful. Every spot in the body is painful to pressure. Pains are bursting, stitching or heavy sore, going backwards. Right-sided effects.

Causations: Ill effects of fright or anger, chagrin. Complaints from taking cold drinks in hot weather. Suppressed eruptions and discharges.

Strong constitutions with tendency to great irritability and bad temper. Persons who over eat or eat excessively of meat. Gluttony. Alcohol. Anger. Fright. Broken bones. Joint injuries. Wounds. Effects of cold winds.

Modalities: Better for cloudy, damp days; cool open air. Bryonia Alba

Better for quiet, lying on the painful side, pressure, rest, cold things. Better applying heat to the inflamed part, descending, sitting up, drawing the knees up. Cold food and drink.

Worse for least motion, raising or stooping, coughing, exertion, deep breathing. Worse from dry cold or heat, becoming hot in a room. Worse from eating, vexation, touch, early morning.

Exceedingly irritable, everything puts him out of humour. Wants to be let alone. Determined. Taciturn. Delirium, wants to go home, thinking he is not there. Talks of business. Apprehension and dread for the future. Despair of being cured with fear of death. Desire for things, which when offered are rejected. Dullness.

Painful stiffness of neck. Stitches and stiffness in small of back. Back ache of lumbar spine, worse stooping. From hard water or sudden changes of weather. Pain in small of back, worse walking or turning.

Abdominal complaints from over- lifting, concussion. Burning pain. Abdominal wall very tender. Stitches, worse pressure, coughing, breathing. Epigastrium tender, throbbing. Groins sore before menses. Bryonia Alba

Breasts painful at menstrual period. Mastitis breasts. Hot, painful, stony hardness. Abscess. Chest sharp stitches in chest or at right scapula, worse deep breathing and coughing. Cough with feeling his chest would fly to pieces. Holds hand to chest whilst coughing.

Thirst for large quantities of cold water. Drinks hastily and eagerly. Desires warm drinks for which he feels better.

Desires what he cannot relish. Worse for eating. Loathing of food. Great desire for wine, coffee, acid drinks.

Migraine headache worse motion, even of the eyes. Bursting, splitting headache. Pain over the left eye, pressing pain, going to the occiput, spreading over the entire body. Headache becomes seated over the entire body. Frontal headache, involving joints, red, hot, swollen, stitches are tearing, worse least movement. Every spot is painful on pressure.

Dry, hacking painful cough. Hard painful cough, from irritation of the upper trachea. Cough dry, hard, very painful, at night, as from the stomach. Must sit up. Worse after eating or drinking, with vomiting, with stitches in the chest and expectoration of rust coloured sputum, brick red, bloody, tough lumps of jelly. Mucous only loosened after much hawking. Coming into a warm room excites the cough. Dry friction sound. Cough with sneezing, worse in the open air. Bryonia Alba

Babies sore mouth, child does not want to take hold of the breast, but after the mouth becomes wet, nurses well. Lips parched, dry, cracked, dryness of mouth, tongue and throat with excessive thirst.

Nausea with faintness rising up, lying on right side. Bitter vomiting of bile and water, immediately after eating. Epigastrium sore to touch.

Chill with hot head and red face, worse warm room. Dry burning heat with aggravation of all symptoms. Sweet sour or oily perspiration after slight exertion. Pulse full, hard, tense and quick.

 Materia Medica Sources: Boericke. Clarke. Phatak. Murphy.