‘Homoeopathy is a healing gift from all of Nature’

Homoeopathy considers the whole person, to ‘treat the person not the disease, the cause not the symptoms, in order to bring about restoration of health’. Homoeopathy considers the physical, mental and emotional and spiritual nature of the person; the circumstances of their life; the environment in which they live and work; taking into account their personality, diet and life-style. Homoeopathy seeks to assist the body’s natural healing processes by finding that remedy in Nature which most closely resembles the state of being of the person., enabling the vital force of the health to recognize itself, prompting its own healing responses within physiology, anatomy, health and spirit. For Homoeopathy is an energy medicine – it is truly a Healing gift from all Nature.

Homoeopathy  is a unique system of natural health care and healing which is simple and effective. Homoeopathic medicines often known as ‘remedies’ are prescribed in tincture, or tablet form prescribed by a qualified and experienced Homoeopath. Remedies are sourced from nature: from the mineral kingdoms; the plant kingdoms; the animal kingdoms and include an understanding of man in his environment and how the interaction of both play a part in our health.

Minute doses of active ingredients are used in the preparation of every individual Homoeopathic medicine. The original material is diluted, and then shaken vigorously (succussed). The number of times this process is repeated determines the strength or ‘potency’ of the remedy eg., a 6c remedy will have been diluted 1 part per 100 then succussed, six times. Remedies are usually prepared by specialist Homoeopathic pharmacies, of which there are five in the UK.

Homoeopathy is generally considered safe to  be used by all including babies, children, for women during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

Homoeopathy aims ‘to treat the person not the disease, the cause not the symptoms, in order to bring about restoration of health’. Homoeopathy recognises that health and disease are dynamic. Disease is often the body’s best attempt to stabilise physiological processes. The wise application of curative medicines, while understanding the essential character of the causation of disease, stimulates the inner ability of the body to heal. These form the founding principles of Homoeopathy. Homoeopathy means ‘similar suffering’ and recognises that disturbance in the physical body, psyche and spirit of a person can cause illness. Homoeopathy stimulates the body’s natural healing response and focuses energy accurately to heal the suffering part.

During a confidential and in depth consultation, your Homoeopath will consider with you all aspects of your health and well-being including your past medical history, diet, lifestyle and personality type, as well as your current health problems. As Homoeopathy focusses on your individual health needs your Homoeopath will work with you to provide an individualised treatment strategy which is timely, accurate and effective for your needs.

Homoeopathic remedies are created from Nature – The Plant Kingdoms, The Animal Kingdoms, The Mineral Kingdoms. The source of healing is found within the Natural world and through our gentle, wise and co-operative and co-creative relationship with Nature and the divine gifts operating within.