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Cowdray Therapy Rooms, Parkway, Easebourne, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 0AW.

Osteopathy for the Family
Osteopathy for the Whole Family

Initial consultation time is usually 1.5 – 2 hours. This enables your Osteopath/Homoeopath to take a detailed case history providing information about illness, trauma and significant emotional life events that may be pertinent to the presenting condition. It is important to gain a full and detailed perception of your life history, health and emotional history to create a comprehensive case history which will form the basis of your diagnosis and current Osteopathic/Homoeopathic treatment.

It is helpful to give your Osteopath/Homoeopath details of any medication that you are taking.

Your Osteopath/Homoeopath will wish to perform a full Osteopathic examination, this may involve undressing to your underwear or shorts and sports bra, so it is helpful to wear clothing you feel comfortable in. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you into the treatment room if it makes you feel more comfortable. You will be offered a chaperone of your choice.

Your Osteopath may wish to perform medical and Osteopathic examinations to help evaluate the presenting condition. The consultation period allows you to ask questions and permits your Osteopath/Homoeopath to offer you an evaluation of your condition, inform you about the aims of Osteopathic/Homoeopathic treatment and to initiate the treatment process.

At the end of the first consultation/examination a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and proposed treatment will be given to you. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions about anything that you do not understand about the proposed treatment.

Follow up appointments usually take 60 minutes. You will usually be offered a forward booking appointment following the initial consultation to coincide with the optimum recovery phase for your condition. Please note that the consultation fee is paid for your Osteopath/Homoeopath to offer a professional opinion and treatment of your condition. Please note the duration of the appointment may vary slightly as some conditions may need extra time to treat. Osteopaths are required to give their patients the appropriate time for the provision of professional care to each patient.

Please note that all information and each consultation with your Osteopath/Homoeopath, is treated in strict confidence.

You may wish your General Practitioner/Specialist or Midwife to be informed of any Osteopathic/Homoeopathic treatment that you receive. Should this be appropriate you will be asked to sign a consent form agreeing that your current medical history be shared in confidence with another practitioner. Written case histories and any further submissions are kept in accordance with the data protection act.

Consultation Fees:

First Consultation Adults: £100.00/Children: £90.00. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for this appointment.

Follow Up Appointment: Adults £80.00/Children £70.00. Please allow one hour for this appointment.

Mother and Baby First Consultation/Follow up appointment: £100.00. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for this appointment.

Homoeopathic Fees: Where Homoeopathy is prescribed a fee of £30.00 is requested.

Please kindly give 48 hours’ notice of cancellation of appointment. Missed appointment fee £40.00 may apply.

Payment is requested by BACs payment 48 hours ahead of your appointment. Cash payment is available at your appointment if not able to use internet banking. You may wish to request a receipt for any treatment you have received.

If you are insured you are expected to settle the bill for each visit yourself (unless otherwise agreed that the Osteopath will claim direct from your insurers) and you will be given a receipt so that you can reclaim the fee from your insurance company.

If for any reason you decide not to take up this appointment, please give 48 hours notice for rebooking or cancellation.

This enables the appointment to be offered to another patient.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, then the clinic’s policy is to charge £40.00.

About your Osteopath:

Trained British School of Osteopathy, London, studying a five year full-time BSc degree programme in Osteopathy (1988-1993). From 1993: Family Osteopathic practice Hereford and Ross on Wye.

I also continued my London practice, treating classically trained ballet dancers in rehabilitation from injury and for seven years worked at a specialist Osteopathic Centre for Children, London (OCC). From 1994-2002: UK renown Osteopathic practice, Stuart Korth and Associates, 159 St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent specialising in cranial Osteopathy for pregnancy, labour, new-born and older child. Also general Osteopathic practice including post neurosurgery/chronic pain states.

March 2002-May 2007: Ran my own Family Osteopathic practice in East Sussex for general Osteopathic practice and specialising in cranial osteopathic care during pregnancy, labour, post-partum,  new-born and the older child; and the post-operative patient with chronic pain, or post head trauma/ post-neurosurgical care until moving to Cornwall December 2007.

I continue to maintain a special interest in treating sports injuries and complex post trauma states (such as head injury, post neurosurgical care).

Specialist in the care of expectant mothers, the new-born and the older child. Obstetric and Paediatric Osteopathy is my area of special interest consolidated with 24 years clinical experience and post graduate training and teaching in this field. I teach Osteopathy at undergraduate and post graduate levels.


About Osteopathy

Osteopaths are given a comprehensive training that reflects the unique history and philosophy of Osteopathic health care. In support of high academic and professional standing, Osteopathic training encompasses a strong medical training and the unique ‘hands on’ evaluative skills used in Osteopathic techniques. Osteopaths use a wide variety of manual techniques to provide the best opportunity for healing in support of your health. Our skills are unique to Osteopathy. Each individual Osteopath formulates and adapts their working knowledge and skills to each individually presenting condition of health.

Osteopaths are committed to furthering their and your understanding of health through continued professional development.

First Consultation: Adults £100.00/ Children £90.00. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for this appointment.

Follow Up Appointment: Adults £80.00/Children £70.00. Please allow one hour for this appointment.

Mother and Baby First Consultation/Follow up appointment: £100.00. Please allow 1.5 – 2 hours for this appointment.

Homoeopathic Fees: Where Homoeopathy is prescribed a fee of £30.00 is requested.


Please kindly give 48 hours’ notice of cancellation of appointment. Missed appointment fee £40.00 may apply.


Practice Hours: Mon-Sat: 8.15am-7.15pm


Patient ‘Phone In’ Times Mon-Sat:  8.30am – 9.00am and 7.00pm – 7.30pm

This service enables patients to speak with me and keep me informed of current acute symptoms and to make appointments.

An answerphone service will operate during clinic hours when I am with patients. The answerphone is checked every 4 hours. You should receive a reply within approximately 4 hours during busy clinic times.

Directions: Situated between the A3 and A24 on the A272

From Petersfield take B2070 to London Road/A272. Continue to Midhurst. At Midhurst, turn left onto A286/Easebourne Lane. Continue straight over two mini roundabouts towards Petworth. At Easebourne, follow Easebourne Street to Parkway. Access to the Cowdray Park Therapy Rooms is through the car park beyond Cowdray Park Estate Offices on your left.

From Petworth, take the A272 towards Midhurst. The A272 begins to descend past Cowdray Park on your left and Cowdray Golf Club on the right. The road descends slightly bringing you to Easebourne, with Cowdray Park entrance, Cowdray Farm Shop and the Farm Shop Café on your left, with ample car parking available. Immediately after the historic toll gate on your right; turn right to enter the car-park. Parking is available for the Therapy Rooms adjacent to the Cowdray Estate Offices. Walk past the Estate office on your left and the Cowdray Polo Club Office on your right to access the Therapy Rooms which are just beyond.

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