Osteopathy for Athletes & Sports Injuries

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries

Osteopathic Consultation enables:

  • Careful and comprehensive case history taking;
  • A thorough and detailed physical examination and assessment encompassing Osteopathic principles and advanced level of knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology;
  • Clinical examinations of CVS, Respiratory, GIT, Neurological systems etc.,
  • A thorough assessment of Posture when standing, seated, lying down;
  • Assessment of running and walking Gait  – adapted to the specific training needs of the athlete and sport;
  • Precise and detailed Osteopathic examination of localised injury site in the context of the whole person;
  • Consideration of lifestyle; diet; nutrition; sleep pattern; emotional well-being;
  • Clear explanation of the nature of injury/illness and how to achieve best outcomes for healing and resolution;
  • Advice tailored to the needs of the individual athlete in the context of their Sport and training programme to optimise recovery;
  • Follow up with advice.
  • Onward referral to specialist/physician where appropriate.

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries

Carolyn McGregor enjoys fell-walking; mountains; climbing; sea swimming; bare foot running; cycling; Cornish Pilot gig rowing.

Case history taking encompasses a detailed understanding of your specific sport and training programme and the principles of particular movements which may be predisposing you to; or maintaining injury.  Osteopathic assessment and Osteopathic examination will consider and further your current knowledge and further develop your training programme for enhanced well-being and self-healing and motivation to inspire and impact in gentle and profound ways upon your life.

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries

Osteopathic principles and practice encompass and utilise a profound, gentle and wise application of the hands using palpation skills, for the ‘listening hands’ of the Osteopath permit a deeper listening and understanding of the body tissues and the inter-relationship of the anatomy and physiology, health and well-being of the person. Osteopathic principles and techniques are adapted to each individual.

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries
An experienced fell-walker who turned her love for the mountains into exploring and developing her love for climbing; Carolyn McGregor maintains a passion for wild places, nature and living in such landscapes. Map reading and navigation skills for mountains was furthered by developing skills in marine navigation; weather skills for the mountains and sea, developing wild camping and bush craft understanding which enabled solo travel by sea kayak along the Norwegian coast-line, fjiords and mountains during 2007 and Carolyn has continued her quiet journeys in wild places ever since.

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports InjuriesOsteopathy for Athletes and Sports InjuriesOsteopathy for Athletes and Sports InjuriesOsteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries

For enquiries and to Book a Consultation contact Carolyn McGregor BSc (Ost.,)., BA Div (Hons)., Licentiate of Homoeopathy, MARH, on mobile: 07766330489 or via the website Contact Page


Osteopathy for You – Healing the Whole Person in Spirit and by Touch

Osteopathy for Athletes and Sports Injuries


Carolyn McGregor is registered with the General Osteopathic Council; The Institute of Osteopaths and The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths