The gentle touch of an Osteopath can be of tremendous comfort, in preparing for, during and after birth. My own wonderful adventure as an Osteopath began 23 years ago, at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London, providing Osteopathy for mums and babes during pregnancy and soon after birth. Gradually experience shaped me and the mums I saw in pregnancy asked if I could attend the birth too.

For me, working with the health of a person is a sacred act and comes about through trust; working with permission and good communication. Gentle, wise techniques of palpation and touch by the Osteopath enable the body to convey how the health is working ‘in the moment’.  The wisdom of the body in its self-regulating, self-healing abilities surpasses all else. The Osteopath’s hands communicates with this innate body wisdom to understand the positioning of the babe, placenta, cord within the vitality of the amniotic fluids, and the well-being of the mother; exploring with mum what her body needs for healthy and efficient birthing. Aches, pains and physical strains can be resolved with Osteopathic technique and becomes a beautiful way of preparing for birth.

During birth, an Osteopath can assist with optimal positioning for babe and mum, providing the subtle and supportive techniques often known as ‘Cranial Osteopathy’ assisting the healing and release of strains within back and pelvis during active labour. A quiet partnership between Osteopath, mum and babe provides both parents and midwife with a gentle, non-intrusive and timely understanding of how the baby is turning, descending and preparing for birth. Enabling the mother to tune in to how her contractions are working for her, judge timing and work with breath and body positioning, alongside the experienced midwife, to empower both parents to trust the wisdom of their child as it prepares for birth.