Testimonials offer valued insight and feedback from the viewpoint of the patient. Testimonials can assist patient information gathering about a practitioner and the quality of services offered. Compliance with the standards of ethics and codes of practice of my registering bodies is ensured. Please feel free to contribute your own experience of receiving Osteopathy, Homoeopathy, Healing and Equine/Animal Osteopathy from Carolyn McGregor BSc (Ost.)., BA Div (Hons)., Licentiate of Homeopathy., MARH.,


” Why has my back improved so much? I came to you eight weeks ago with back issues which have grumbled on for 58 years, sometimes just severe aching, sometimes 48 hour immobility; and the other day I attended a wedding, at which I stood, pain free for two hours. I am engaging now in the sort of heavy gardening and construction work, which previously would have led to at least a short period of immobility, to be lessened by painkillers or a visit to other practitioners, something I have done regularly in the past. Whatever your secret is, thank you very much ” M.S, Cornwall.

”I am now back to walking the coastal paths, which I had thought I would never be able to do again… I am so pleased”. Thank you. E.S., Helston, Cornwall

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