Epidemic Energy

As a Homoopath, I have been speaking about the role of epidemic energy since mid – July last year, 2019. With the propensity to laryngeal and bronchial complaints with loss of confidence and feelings of loss of position in the world, society. Certain remedies have been coming through gently and clearly as underlying themes for a while.  

Homoeopaths are tasked with the role of finding those remedies from Nature which assist the economy of the body, the environment both inner and outer, towards greater balance and harmony. 

If you can, focus on Nature. She will show you the path. It may simply be sunlight through your window. A plant. A bird singing. Magical Nature heals and transforms. 

With any condition, or expression of life in Nature, there are positives and negatives. In our personality, and within our emotions, the same positive and negative expressions. 

I noticed that certain specific themes were emerging around us, whilst we are all bathed in the epidemic energy whose vector, currently is COVID 19. 

Fear of acute business failure;

Fear of death; of dying;

Fear loss of loved ones; Being left alone;

Is restless, continually changing places; extremely nervous, restless and anxious.

Anguish and restlessness. Despairs of recovery. Thinks it useless to take the medicine.

Fear of death and disease, yet tired of living, worse at night;

Fear of being approached; suspicious; mistrustful; fear of contamination; of germs;

Fastidious; fears the order will be upset; fears disorder; germs, disease, contamination.

Over sensitive, fault-finding; Irritable, selfish. 

The remedy where these themes are emergent is Arsenicum Album. 

Hmmmm…. sound familiar? These are not necessarily just specific to you but are themes of the epidemic energy of which we are all susceptible to right now. 

Why are we susceptible now?  

One of my little patients said to her mum: ‘ Mummy, I think we have the corona virus so the earth can learn to breathe again…’

We have just passed through the Spring Equinox, we saw the peak of the news of the arrival of COVID19 with the Equinox. The Equinox, a Time of change.  

Pluto is the deep cleanser, who shines a powerful light into those deeper aspects of our being and psyche which we find difficult to look at; where we don’t want to change or find difficult to do so, is strongly with us right now. It helps us.

In direct conjunction, is Saturn whose excesses of indulgence, enjoyment, materialism etc., are shown in the negative attributes of the base chakra whose ruler is Saturn: unstable, resentment, insecurity, anxiety, worry, bad tempered. 

The positive traits of Saturn/the Base chakra: reverence, perseverence. radiance, stability, learns lessons of patience, accepting of karma.

We then have Mars coming in, ruler by fire, who brings energy in bursts. Sudden change, upheaval. … Its negative correlates, fear and anger. Mars, ruler of the solar plexus brings the positive attributes of courage, fearlessness, calm, non-impulsive commitment.

After this has passed too we have Jupiter, bringing expansion, renewal, new energy. Change.  A different way of doing, seeing and Being. 

Negative attributes are sifted, tested, shifted and dissolve.

Positive attributes clothe the soul with lighter sensibilities and awareness. These stay with us as we journey forwards.

There is an opportunity for Quiet. Peace. Transcendance. Calm through it all. Wisely centre your self. Listen to silence. If you must, listen to good music. But most of all embrace Stillness and Silence. Be at one in the small moments of your every day Being and Be with Nature.

Jupiter, ruler of the sacral centre brings transformation, letting go of old values, embracing our true spiritual values. Brings renewal. Hope. Transformation. Transcendance of old patterns and values. Optimism. Honour. Truthfulness. True religious understanding. Self confidence.

Wisely centre the lower three chakras or energy centres of the body. Be seated and still. Rest.  Yoga. Stretch. Meditate. Prayer. Be thankful.

Eat well and simply. Do not indulge. Seek balance in all things. Drink plenty of water. Sleep early and well. Seek to balance activity with rest;  

Balance Doing with Being. Seek the light of the Spring sunshine. Walk in the brightest part of the day. Rest even more. Be observant. To others. To your inner voice. To that of Nature. Seek your true purpose and true needs.

Be Kind. Trust in all things.

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