Homoeopathy for Hayfever by Carolyn McGregor

Hayfever: Meadow on Midsummers Day 24.06.16

Homoeopathy for Hayfever:

Hayfever: Meadow on Midsummers Day 24.06.16The beautiful and prolonged warm weather whilst delighting many brings with it increased sensitization for hayfever sufferers. Homoeopathy has a number of methods of prescribing which can diminish sensitization, and boost your immune responses and overall health and well-being. Homeopathy is a beautiful, complex and effective way of understanding our health and what our symptoms are actually expressing about ourselves from all spheres of our being: spiritual, mental/emotional and physical.

The need for the body to have a ‘clear out’ can be expressed in a cold or in ‘hayfever’. Have you ever noticed how your hayfever symptoms may be similar to your cold symptoms. Coincidence? Or might your individual health expressing in its own language of ‘symptoms’ the need for your deeper understanding and care of it? Sometimes, our emotional issues cannot be safely expressed as emotions and become somatised within the body and expressed as physical symptoms.

Meadow at midsummer 24.06.16

Homoeopathy has a number of methodologies or philosophy of understanding and prescribing for the signs and symptoms in the physical responses expressed in Hayfever and may employ Classical Hahnemanian prescribing to boost and support your constitutional health; perhaps in conjunction with Isopathy – providing the body with a small dose of the allergen in potentised Homoeopathic form, for instance for those sensitive to tree pollens, grass pollens or other specific allergens can benefit.

The Homoeopath will also explore with you the prevailing emotions aroused by your suffering, and tailor the Homoeopathic prescribing to your individual needs and emotional state

expressed along with the physical ailments. Here it is worth considering the remedy Allium Cepa, the red Onion. As with all Homoeopathic remedy pictures, the scope of detail within the Homoeopathic proving of Allium Cepa is magnificent. Homoeopaths may prescribe upon a particular facet of the remedy or upon its entirety, the simillimum being the key, of ‘like treating like’.

Hayfever: meadow on midsummer's day 24.06.16

Cutting up raw onions provokes active sneezing and lachrymation. Allium Cepa causes increased secretions by acting on the mucous membranes of eyes, nose, larynx and bowels. The remedy therefore has enormous merit in the treatment of common colds and Hayfever. The desire for raw onions may indicate its need. Hayfever and acrid nasal discharges with laryngeal symptoms may indicates its need.

Coryza, headache, cough and hoarseness. Acute colds from damp weather. Coughs, cold or headache, worse in a warm room, better in the open air, worse again on returning to a warm room. Worse damp weather, spring, evening. Rest aggravates, motion ameliorates. Worse afternoon and evening, when lying down.

The cough of Allium Cepa is caused by tickling, with the constant inclination to hack in order to relieve it. The cough may be provoked by inhaling cold air (cf. Rumex Crispus).

Causations, the conditions which may induce the remedy picture of Allium Cepa are damp, cold wind; colds of spring; Hayfever of August; epidemics of spasmodic coughs in autumn.Hayfever: Meadow on Midsummers Day 24.06.16

Eyes red, sensitive to touch, flow of tears; burning, smarting lachrymation. Sensitive to light. Burning in eyelids, worse coughing, desire to rub them. Swelling around the eye.

Earache, shooting pain in Eustachian tube. Aching extands into the throat. Itching in ears from allergies. Otitis media. Discharge of pus. Hardness of hearing.

Headache, dull, with coryza. Catarrhal headache, forehead, worse in a warm room, towards evening. Aching in forehead, extending to eyes and face, better for free running coryza. Pain in occiput extending down the neck.

Nose drips. Burning and smarting in the nose. Profuse watery discharge with sneezing, acrid burning, excoriating the nose and upper lip. Sensitive to the odour of flowers and the skin of peaches. Feeling of a lump at the root of the nose. Hayfever (cf. Euphr, Sabad, Psor) Allergies every August.

Hoarseness of throat; sensation of a lump in the throat. Tickling in the larynx. Expectoration of lumpy mucous from posterior sinuses. Sensation as if larynx split or torn. Pain in throat extending into the ear.

The distressing symptoms of Hayfever can be ameliorated by careful Homoeopathic prescribing. Over the counter Homoeopathic medicines can be a hit or miss experience for most members of the public, as Hayfever reflects disturbance in the constitutional health and requires the careful case history taking, examination and prescribing by a Registered Homoeopath, who will ensure accurate and careful prescribing tailored to your specific condition with advice about what to expect during your consultation, treatment and symptoms.

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